LaFollette, Joseph

World Geography
Course Syllabus

Class Schedule 


Breakfast and Announcements

8:20 – 8:37

1st period*

8:37 – 9:32

2nd Period

9:36 – 10:31

Lunch “A”

10:35 – 11:05

       3rd Period

11:09 – 12:04


12:08 – 1:03

 5th Period

1:07 – 2:02

 6th Period

2:06 – 3:01

7th Period

3:05 – 4:00

 *PreAP Courses.  Parents please check the PreAP course overview if your child is enrolled in a PreAP Course.


Course Overview


Social Studies is a survey of world geography and culture. It is based on the course timeline for Social Studies.

Rules of Class For Mr. La Follette



Textbook Activities

 World Cultures and Geography, by McGraw Hill

Homework is intended to be challenging and thought provoking.  Students may not be completely successful when they work at home.  This year students will be involved in a "flipped" classroom using the social platform called, "Edmodo."  In this instance, the student is instructed to do a reading, view a video, or some other research at home.  Then, upon returning to class, the teacher reviews the assignment and then has the students complete the work in class.  The amount of detail will depend on how much knowledge they have gained from independent learning.  So in this case, I am learning a little about what your child knows or doesn’t know when they work independently.



Tutorials are always voluntary and students should take advantage of them to get additional help mastering discovery program concepts. Tutorials will be held from 5-6 p.m. on Wednesdays.


Suggested Supply List: 
Always bring a few pencils and a pencil sharpener.
Blue or black pen is encouraged for classwork.
Correction tape is a good thing to have as well
Having a glue stick and some washable markers can make things easier when doing a project.
A pair of safety scissors is helpful.
Knowing how to access Office 365(I will teach you) at home is a great way to do your assignments.
Textbooks are provided in class. You can check out a textbook for home from Mr. Lopez


Class Donations:

Parents are encouraged to send an item donation to the class. There are no negative consequences for not donating.

Per 1  1 box of Kleenex
Per 2   Hand Sanitizer (10 ounces)
Per 3  1 pack of pencils (12)
Per 5  1 box of Crayola markers(12)
Per 6  1 package wide ruled paper
Per 7  2 black or blue whiteboard markers