Gomez, Rolando

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Coach Gomez


Welcome to Coach Gomez's Web Page.
Athletic Coordinator
Department of Physical Education/Athletics
Coach Gomez
Welcome to my webpage on the Los Cuates website. I look foward to a great year in Physical Education and Athletics. Please feel free to browse around for more information regarding Cougar P.E./Athletics. 



1st period (8:37-9:32)


2nd period (9:36-10:31)

6th Grade Pre-Athletics

3rd Period (10:35-11:30)

7th and 8th Grade PE

Lunch B

Lunch Break


4th Period (12:08-1:03)

6th Grade Pre-Athletics

5th Period (1:07- 2:02)

7th and 8th Grade PE

6th Period (2:06-3:01)

7th and 8th Grade PE

 7th Period (3:05-4:00)

 8th Grade Athletics

Note: All classes held at Los Cuates Middle School Gymnasium.