Garza, Georgina



Los Cuates Middle School


Reading Grade 8


Instructor:  Mrs. G. Garza

Conference:  7th Period 3:05-4:00

 Email address:

Supply List

**        (2) highlighters   (new one each semester)

**        ball point pens (blue or black ink only)

**        a set of 10 fine point markers (Crayola is fine)          

**        (2) boxes of 10 count  #2 pencils

**        1 box of facial tissue

**        (1) composition book (wide ruled)

**        loose wide ruled notebook paper (PLENTY)

**        4 paper folders (any color) with prongs

**        poster board (1/2 sheet size) when needed

**        1 pair of inexpensive ear buds or ear phones

**        USB/ Flash Drive

**        BYOD Bring Your Own Device (tablet, smart phone, etc. recommended)

**     Pre AP only- Novel- Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
in print or electronic form.